The Design Concept

TONO asks the important questions first. What’s the most efficient volume of water? How can controls be made genuinely intuitive? Aesthetics derive from functionality and the innate properties of the materials used. With sinks incorporating an offset circle motif, each element has been consciously created to be quiet, purposeful and exact.


The result of physical making rather than theoretical ideas, the performance of each TONO product has been optimised through rigorous testing, prototyping and human interaction. Together, Foster + Partners and Porcelanosa pushed themselves to develop something out of the ordinary: individually crafted components that simultaneously work holistically and harmoniously. 


No more, no less. Just as eliminating superfluous detail makes for better design, it also enhances sustainability.

As embodied by the 2.3 litre capacity TONO sink, which provides the right amount of water while cutting down on waste.

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